Warm, Cosy, Relaxed and Genuinely Inviting with 212 Individual Menu
Choices of Modern Italian Fusion Cuisine and the Flexibility to Modify
ANYTHING on the Menu To Suit Your Taste Buds or Dietary Choices

One of our customers recently described his dining experience
at Café Rosco, and we think it really captures the essence of
our culture and level of service we consciously demonstrate...

    "Dining at Café Rosco is like seeing close friends or family –
     it's a warm, cosy, relaxed, genuinely inviting and ever-so
     friendly atmosphere where awesome food is prepared to
     perfection, and with lightning speed. 

     I've never been to an Italian-infused Pizza Restaurant where
     I can modify any dish on the menu without getting a weird
     look from the waiter or a huff and puff of frustration from the
     chef. At Café Rosco my modification requests are always
     greeted with an accepting smile and the Chefs actually 
     enjoy the opportunity to be spontaneous and creative.

     And unlike virtually every other restaurant, I appreciate that I
     can book a table with 8 friends and know that at the end of
     the night, you'll happily split our bill so we can all pay
     separately. And lastly, I'm grateful that you cater for my
     vegan and vegetarian friends as well as those who want to
     order gluten-free or any variation that accommodates their
     dietary or health needs. That's walking your talk. And it's
     why I've been coming here for almost two decades.”

     "Go-to Italian-Infused Pizza-Restaurant for the
            South Yarra and St Kilda Road areas"

Many of the locals describe Café Rosco as the “Go-to Italian-
Infused restaurant for the South Yarra and St Kilda Road areas."
For more than two decades Café Rosco has been servicing
corporate executives from Oracle construction  workers
from the local city council, television celebrities like Scott
Pape, "The Barefoot Investor", local residents and   visitors.
families, young couples and international or interstate 
Variety is the spice of life, and there's no shortage of it at Café

Whether you're after a traditional or gourmet Italian
pizza served up in less than 20 minutes. Or a premium rib-eye
steak cooked to perfection with just enough fat content to
give it a lot of flavour and partnered with a Cabernet Sauvignon
that floods your taste buds with a zest of currants, a hint of rose
petals, and leaves the pallet lingering with a refreshing cherry
flavour...we've got you covered!”

  "212 MENU CHOICES: Including 45 Vegetarian
Dishes, 30 Vegan Options & 65 Gluten-Free Options"

Click here to view our menu. Here's what you'll find:

18 entrees (Bread, soups, veggies, dips, meats & seafood)
12 salads 
  5 risottos
16 pasta dishes (with tomato, olive oil or creamy-based sauce)
16 traditional pizzas
10 Gourmet pizzas
13 Main courses (2 steak, 2 veal, 4 chicken, 1 lamb, 4 seafood)
13 Deserts
55 Non-alcoholic drinks (Coffee, tea, chai, juice, soft drinks, etc)
11 Beers (local and international varieties)
  8 Red wines (Shiraz, Merlo, Pinot Noir & Cabernet Sauvignon)
  8 White wines (Chardonnay, Riesling, Savignion Blanc, Pino Grigio)
  1 Penfolds Club Port
17 Spirits and liqueurs
  9 Top shelf spirits and liqueurs

If you're dining in, you'll find ample parking on three neighbouring
streets. Or get off at the tram stop just across the road if you're
coming by public transport.

Yes, we accept EFTPOS, Amex and Diners and you can also pay
with your corporate card. We cater and deliver to corporate
offices at lunchtime and evenings – large catering orders
(for up to 100 people) are our specialty.

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407D St Kilda Rd (Corner of St Kilda & Toorak Roads), Melbourne • 
Tel: 03 9866 2280 or 03 9866 1250